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Optiv is the cyber advisory and solutions leader. We manage cyber risk so you can secure your full potential.

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Optiv and Tanium want to help customers understand, assess, and proactively meet the needs of today’s security, risk and IT ops teams. By combining Optiv’s expertise, services and integrated approach with the Tanium platform’s real-time endpoint visibility and management capabilities, customers can stay in front of cybersecurity threats, internal compliance and regulatory requirements and proactively manage and remediate issues at unmatched speed and scale.

Services offered

Endpoint Management

Visibilité / Suivi / Surveillance des actifs informatiques, Correction et gestion des changements, Opérateur de Tanium Endpoint Management

Sécurité des endpoints

IR / Recherche des menaces, Remédiation post-faille et cause principale, Services SOC, Opérateur Tanium en sécurité des endpoints


Partenaire pour le déploiement du cloud
Partenaire d’assistance

Business designation

Sells to Federal Agencies

Sells to SLED

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Denver, CO - United States

Type de partenaire

Conseil, Partenaire de services gérés, Revendeur

Domaine de solution

Analyse et remédiation, Gestion des risques et de la conformité

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