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Tanium + ServiceNow

Get complete visibility into all your assets, drive superior employee and customer experiences, and bolster your security posture all at once

Intégration ServiceNow et Tanium

ServiceNow brings organizations of every size, in every industry, smarter, faster, and better ways to work. With Tanium’s ServiceNow integration solutions, these organizations can maximize their investment in ServiceNow by leveraging endpoint data that is real time and accurate at any scale, no matter if the endpoint is physical, virtual, cloud-based, or IoT.

You can’t control what you can’t see

In 94% of enterprises, 20% of assets connected to networks are unknown and undiscovered. 

Customer and employee experience are converging

By 2024, organizations that provide a total experience (TX) will outperform their competitors by 25% in satisfaction metrics for both customer and employee experience, predicts Gartner.

IT & SecOps team that use Tanium save time on everyday tasks

Tanium customers report a 93% reduction in weekly scan times of their hardware, software, and virtual assets.

Tanium IT Asset integration for ServiceNow

Optimisez les coûts des logiciels, du matériel et du cloud tout en réduisant les risques grâce à une visibilité en temps réel des actifs. Tanium Asset integration for ServiceNow provides a complete, accurate and up-to-date view of your enterprise hardware, software, and virtual asset inventory in ServiceNow CMDB.

Tanium Total Experience (TX) pour ServiceNow

Improve employee and customer experiences with proactive incident management, software self-service, and real-time remediation. Tanium Total Experience (TX) for ServiceNow enables employees to resolve issues independently, and unburdens IT agents from time-consuming tasks, thereby allowing for focus on problems and innovations that highly impact customers.

Tanium Asset integration for ServiceNow

Do you trust the data in your Configuration Management Database (CMDB)?

Complete visibility and real-time data of all your assets

Tanium supercharges ServiceNow workflows with up-to-the-minute accurate endpoint data on asset inventory, patching status, active software, and more.

Significantly reduce IT operations and security response times

With Tanium Asset integration for ServiceNow, organizations can reduce the risk of an attack as well as lower the risk of severity of an attack should one occur.

Reduce costs of unused or underutilized assets

Identify unused licenses, out of compliance software, and underutilized software and hardware. Consolidate redundant point solutions to further reduce tech stack spend.

Passez de réactif à proactif

Siloed data is a time suck. Working with Tanium data, ServiceNow keeps organizations ahead of the curve with automated maintenance, onboarding, and security remediation workflows.

Tanium Total Experience (TX) pour ServiceNow

Tanium’s TX integration brings a powerful convergence of employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) functionality to ServiceNow. Drive impactful experiences with unparalleled visibility into IT infrastructure and endpoints, reduced costs and complexity of point solutions, and increased transparency and efficiency.

Modernize IT platforms to support the total experience

Empower employees to resolve issues independently. Unburden IT agents of time-consuming tasks, so they can focus on problems and innovations that impact customers.

Maximize employee and agent productivity

Optimize and drive adoption of your organization's digital work experience and its capabilities. Use real-time monitoring, automated remediations, and advanced reports to keep endpoints and applications healthy, performant, and in use.

Proactively identify and remediate issues before they become problems

Automated and integrated alerts & workflows in ServiceNow let your agents remediate incidents across the infrastructure, improving experiences and end-user sentiment.

Manage the software cycle efficiently – from request to revocation

Deploy software – including models and catalog items – directly from ServiceNow requests. Manage licenses and compliance with ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM Professional or Foundation).


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